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Dog Sitting

"Express Visit"

A quick 20 minute visit. 

Just enough time for 

feeding, potty & a little 

playtime, "no walk" with

this visit

*$2 each additional pet

*Starting at $24

"Standard Visit"

30 minute visit.

10 minute walk included

if you need a longer walk 

see extended stay visit.

*$2 each additional pet

*Starting at $26

"Extended Stay"

35-40 minute visit.

More time for love, playtime 

and a walk!

*$2 each additional pet

*Longer stays & extensive

travel additional fee applies.

Oral medications there is no

charge. Injections or blood

sugar checks additional 

$3.00 each.

*Starting at $30

New "Brain Games"

10 minute visit.

Puzzles for your pup.

Mental stimulation 

enriches our dogs lives

by giving them something 

meaningful to do.  This 

creates less boredom 

and helps with unwanted


*Starting at $10

Cat Sitting

"Express Visit"

A quick 20 minute visit. 

Just enough time for 

feeding, liter scooped, 


*$2 each additional pet

*Starting at $22

"Standard Visit"

30 minute visit.

*$2 each additional pet 

sitting visits. up to 3 cats

*Longer stays & extensive

 travel additional fee applies.

*Starting at $24

"Farm Animals/Multi Pet"

4 Pets

Up to 40 minutes.

*Longer stays & 

extensive travel

additional fee applies.

*$2 each additional pet

*Starting at $32

Happy Furrbabies!

Pet Sitting Services Include the Following:

First and Foremost 100% Superior Pet Care

Each visit is "timed" for accuracy

Feeding and refreshing water

Refreshing of cat litter box

Pet mess clean up

Mail and newspaper collection

Garbage can out (as requested)

Pet medication

Plant watering (as requested)

Alternating lights and blinds (as requested)

Playtime with pets

Walking dogs as needed

Pictures and daily updates sent via Email/Text

Schedule a Consult "Meet & Greet."

This is a FREE 45  minute consult with

you and your pet.

*Holiday Surcharge $10 for All Pet Sitting Visits,

  $5 for Dog Walks.

 New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, 

July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Eve & Day, Christmas Eve & Day.

Make Holiday Reservations "Early" to Ensure Your Place on the Schedule.

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